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Local Practitioners

Here are a few qualified professionals in the Saskatoon area that can help you in their respective areas of expertise.

Dr. Mike Majeran

Saskatoon Chiropractor
8th Street Chiropractic Health & Wellness Clinic
1269 8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0S5
Phone: (306) 955-1561

Dr. Michael Barber, D.C.

Saskatoon Chiropractor
InBalance Chiropractic
Unit #200 - 136 Primrose Drive  
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 500-0375


Dr. Andrew Pawlovich, D.C.

Saskatoon Chiropractor
Pawlovich Chiropractic 
120 3010 Preston Ave S
Saskatoon, SK S7T 0V2
Phone: (306) 244-7080 

Dr. Edward Mahan

Saskatoon Dentist
Dentistry on Queen 
603 - 3rd Ave N 
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 652-5175


Dr. Curtis Stark, DDSc

Saskatoon Dentist
Northend Dental
150 227 Primrose Drive
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 934-1177

Dr. Clint Knudsen

Saskatoon Dentist
Guardian Dental Care 
1121 Louise Ave 
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 374-3266


Hoe Mark, Certified Homeopath

Saskatoon Homeopath
315 20th Street East
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 382-4507

Dr. Stacey Hornick, DC

Saskatoon Chiropractor
Market Mall Family Chiropractic
12 2325 Preston Ave
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 955-5900


Dr. Jacqui Fleury, ND

Saskatoon Naturopathic Doctor
True Potential Health Services
#3 810 8th St East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T6 
Phone: (306) 373-5209

Dr. Amy Velichka, ND

Saskatoon Naturopathic Doctor
Saskatoon Naturopathic Medicine
14 - 118 Cope Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7T 0X3 
Phone: (306) 664-2150

Dr. Tori Crowter, Registered Acupuncturist

Saskatoon Acupuncturist
Sutherland Chiropractic Clinic
#2 - 705 Central Ave 
Saskatoon, SK S7N 2S4
Phone: (306) 374-4390


Dayna Meier, R.Ac, TCMD

Saskatoon Acupuncturist
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 491-2234


Tamela King, B.Sc., M.Sc., RAC

Saskatoon Reflexology
Circle Chiropractic
2402 7th St E 
Saskatoon, SK S7H 1A3
Phone: (306) 955-5005


Rachel Harrison, RMT

Saskatoon Massage Therapist
Green Hills Massage Therapy Clinic
#3 606 22nd Street West Heritage Square  
Saskatoon, SK S7M 5W1
Phone: (306) 652-1246

Vicki Johnston, RMT

Saskatoon Massage Therapist
Phone: (306) 220-9546
Saskatoon, SK


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